Oxfam Novib published a research paper about the tough conditions garment workers are facing in Myanmar. The document shows how most of the garment workers are trapped in poverty and shows the complexity of their situation. Next to presenting the findings of their research, Oxfam presents recommendations that contribute to the improvement of the worker’s working conditions and finally help the workers to be freed from poverty.

This is a first concept-sketch for a possible visual translation in which the content is categorized in factors that influence the working conditions of the textile workers. Each factor can be selected and is explained individually in more detail according to the findings of Oxfam Novib’s research. Oxfam’s recommendations always combine two factors that influence each other and are presented in a way that creates a path for the workers to escape from poverty.

Soon to be updated with a new design: This image can be made stronger by cutting down on the amount of information but stressing the core of the message. I believe this is necessary in order to allow the image to create more impact. A second sketch of this visual translation will be uploaded soon.